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  • Andrew Redd

New year, new gear (and a new company)!

Lots of stuff in the works boys and girls! I just started a new company to better serve the production needs of the film and television industry. CRASHBOX MEDIA!! Crashbox is here to help producers, directors, DP's, Gaffers, and of course production companies to fill in those often hard to reach areas of production. If you need resources for crew or gear Crashbox Media has you covered!

In terms of gear, Crashbox has just acquired a RED EPIC Dragon (6K) cinema camera with all the bells and whistles, well just as soon as all of those bells and whistles get delivered. The RED EPIC Dragon comes with either a Canon EF smart mount, or a PL mount for traditional cinema lenses, and a full list of accessories and options can be provided upon request. Crashbox will also be one of the first companies in the country to offer a full set of the brand new full frame Sigma Cine Primes (T1.5) in PL mount when they release in June. Crashbox also now has two of the brand spanking new Hive Wasp 100-C LED pars, these little guys are amazing lights that you have to see to believe. If you were fortunate enough to make it NAB this year, than you no doubt got to see them in action at Hive's booth! In addition to the RED EPIC Dragon, Sigma Cine Primes, and the Hive Wasp 100-C's we also have additional grip and lighting gear available (full list upon request). If you're looking for something specific, let us help you source that piece of gear for your next shoot!

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